Claudia Rogoff

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 1.50.40 PMClaudia Rogoff is an experienced small businesswoman and committed to the education of her two young children. Ms. Rogoff  began her career as a stylist working at the center of the NYC fashion industry and has worked with some of the top world-renowned stylists and fashion insiders. Her clientele has ranged from household celebrities to models at fashions shows all over the world including London, Milan, Paris and here in New York City.

Currently, Ms. Rogoff’s passion has turned to her children’s education and thus she  has become actively involved in the academic and neighborhood community.  Ms. Rogoff served  as PTA co-president 2012-2013 at Amistad. During her tenure, Ms. Rogoff was instrumental in bringing programs to the school such as Chess, and Yoga, and continues to pursue programs to bring to the community.  Ms. Rogoff co-led this year’s fund-raising and auction for Amistad helping bring in a record fundraising year, with a growth of over 200% from the previous year.

Ms. Rogoff also contributes her time to fundraising for charities including AIDS research and outreach programs for the elderly and the disabled. Look for her yoga donation class coming soon at Mind Body and Soul in Washington Heights!   She is also pursuing a Vinyasa yoga instructor certification at “Mind Body and Soul” in Washington Heights .


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